FAM News Seminars-on-Ships Booking Procedure

FAM News Seminars-on-Ships are "Cruise-Only" and do not include airfare, transfers, or travel insurance.  Neither the cruise line nor FAM News sell airfare for the seminars-on-ships.  We are hired by the cruise lines. The cruise lines determines the travel agent rates - we do not; therefore, please do not contact the cruise line directly, they determine our seminar rates. Travel agent rates are not a function of the Reservation Departments, and; in most cases, the Reservation Departments are not aware of travel agent FAM rates. The cruise lines are not equipped to answer calls concerning FAMs and seminars-on-ships.

Please check airfare from your home gateway prior to booking, but do not purchase your airfare until your cabin is confirmed.  To book your cruise please click the "Book Now" link below, select your cruise and sailing date, and complete the booking form.  We must have formal names, dates of birth, and a credit card number in order to process a booking.  Please indicate in the "Comment Section " any special needs, or if you want travel insurance. 

Because travel agent rates are so low, cancellation penalty is 100%- no refund no matter when you cancel .  We highly recommend, that you purchase travel insurance on your own.
Your credit card will not automatically be charged.  Once we receive your on-line booking request, we will contact you to review the booking.  Then we will contact the cruise line, book a cabin for you, and call you back to review your booking.  If your booking meets your expectations, we will contact the cruise line to make payment in full on your credit card.

eTravel Publications, Inc., Seminars-on-Ships, and eTravel Mail are only agents for the cruise lines and/or tour operators; therefore, eTravel Publications, Inc., Seminars-on-Ships, and eTravel Mail are in no way legally responsible for the actions or inactions of the cruise line or tour operator.    

If you have any other important questions, call 1.888.826.5701


If your "Book Now" button does not work, click this https://www.famnews.com/SeminarSignUp.aspx

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